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How Social Media Affects The Latest Architectural Trends

Today’s digital age allows people to access almost everything online. With just a few clicks, you are open to hundreds and thousands of new information and a multitude of conveniences. From your computer, tablet, or mobile screen, you gain access to daily tech innovations, news, and updates whenever and wherever you are.

With millions and billions of people today online, the rise of technology and social media are no less impactful on many different fields, architecture included. It’s only a matter of years for the architectural field to completely adapt to the changing world of technology and social media. Architecture continuously adjusts, blends, and transforms. But architecture should never compromise to the demands of society, or it risks losing its essence. The Internet and social media are powerful tools to influence the masses, but these can only do so much in positively affecting the said field.

Here’s everything else you need to know about how social media affects the latest architectural trends today.

Target audiences are just within your reach

If your next project will be concerning or catering to the younger generation, what better way to connect with them and learn the language than be present online? Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best ways to learn what they would enjoy most in residential homes or commercial buildings. Seeking out what your target audience would like will give you an edge rather than designing a building that would be more attractive to the opposite audience.

Connect with your clients

There is no better way to connect with your clients than to be present online. Your strong and established social media presence make you more credible and enable you to reach out to as many people, converting mere audiences into clients. Having clients that interact with your company on social media matters more today than it ever did, which is why it’s so important that your services are compatible with the social platforms you choose that are relevant to your field.

Pinterest and Facebook are strong social media platforms where you can gain insights from various demographics.

Attend to specific client needs

Gather relevant information directly from your audiences or clients. Doing a geographical search and analysis on social media allows you to develop designs that attend to your client's specific wants and needs in a particular area. Say your next project is a commercial building. If you do research and polls on social media, you will spot on know what type of businesses people are asking to be built in that precise location.

Openness to ideas and suggestions

Architecture constantly evolves and adapts to the changing environment. Being present online only means you get access to ideas, suggestions, and other developments concerning projects and designs. More so, there’s also an opportunity for you to impart new knowledge and techniques to aspiring architects.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential in any business. This information is useful and allows you to carry it onto your next project, should there be any need to do so. And besides, some customer feedbacks open opportunities for architects to come up with new ideas and innovate designs, making way for new architectural trends in the coming years.

Partner with APL Architects and let’s turn your social media inspiration board into reality.

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