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5 Reasons Why You Need An Architect To Build Your Dream Home

Notice we used the words Dream Home instead of Dream House. Because some people often use the words home and house interchangeably when both have different contexts.

A house is a physical structure. It can be a condominium building, an apartment, a townhouse, a bungalow, a 3-story modern house, a villa, a ranch, or a mansion.

On the other hand, a home is what you consider a dwelling place for you and your family. It’s your safe place to bond with your loved ones—a haven from the busy world. It’s your sanctuary—an oasis amid the daily hustle and bustle.

No wonder we often say, “There’s no place like home.”, whenever we get home after a long day of work or after a week of vacation.

That’s why aside from the goal of beautifying your dream home, making it Instagram-worthy, here are some things to ponder before building one:

Is my dream home gonna be safe?

Is it gonna be comfortable?

Is it gonna be functional?

Will it be cost-effective?

Will it serve me and my family in the long run?

When it’s difficult for people like us to answer those questions, one of the architects’ jobs is to provide us with the right answers. Even better, they give us better options if needed.

Architects don’t just design the four walls of a structure. They can see the future you want for your dream home. They help you gain clarity to your vision.

Aside from helping you create a beautiful home as your sanctuary, they have a knack for building it with functional surroundings that suit you and your family’s needs. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on something valuable and end up regretting the result.

So, here are the 5 reasons why you need to hire an architect to build your dream home:

1. Helps you customize the house to fit your needs and lifestyle

You normally have a general idea of what you think you need when building your dream home. And it’s an architect’s job to listen to your suggestions and understand the purpose of each space—allowing the architect to come up with designs and execute plans that perfectly depict your vision while also proposing a suggested layout for the best use.

Rooms can easily be designed directly by a proposal. But a good architect will identify different ways to maximize the space while also laying out different options so you could see the space in a new perspective, as it reflects your needs and lifestyle as interpreted by the architect.

2. Ensures the structure fits into the area

Now, your land is ready and your vision is clear. But how do you turn this into reality?

Believe it or not, architects can find ways to perfectly marry the structure to the area. They know the basics and complexities of designing your space while also efficiently working on the given space.

Architects plan and provide the unnoticeable and neglected details: the best use for entry or exit, parking space, landscape, utilities, wiring, and electrical. Now, that’s functionality right there!

3. Makes the most out of your materials

It’s never an architect’s job to choose expensive materials to build your home. Rather, it’s an architect’s job to ascribe value to which materials are chosen.

Upon designing and discussing a residential project, the architect usually leads the discussion of the use of each material. Your architect may:

  • Consider the use of eco-friendly options for furniture and appliances that promote sustainable living

  • Take an already existing (can be but not necessarily historic) portion of a building or supplies and use these to design a particular space or structure

  • Reconstruct memorabilia or a family heirloom and turn it into a memorable and timeless space

4. Gets you the best value for money

If there’s one common myth about hiring architects, it’s probably this one: hiring an architect is costly and you may spend over the budget.

The truth is, it’s not! Along with fitting the structure with the area provided, another significant role of an architect is to manage the project while keeping expenses within the budget.

That already includes planning the entire thing, even utility costs, for the present and the years to come. An architect’s goal is to always provide an energy-efficient option without adding cost.

5. Your go-to project representative

Hiring an architect means having someone as your mouthpiece. Your architect acts as a representative and a bridge between you and the contractor.

The representative listens to you while also providing options and suggestions to fit your desire to what will serve you best. As a result, you get a customized experience of building your dream home, seeing the details of your vision come together.

While others consider hiring an architect as expensive or costly, it's something you might want to consider if you’re planning to build your dream home.

Imagine having a structure that’s already built—with everything ready up to the furniture and latest home appliances you’ve been wanting to use. And you and your loved ones are ecstatic for a new beginning.

Yet a few months later, you discovered the door and glass windows were positioned in an area where it's directly hit by the midday sun that’s scorching hot. Worse, the swimming pool was built near them. Think about this kind of inconvenience you have to endure when you can avoid it during the planning stage.

That and other nitty-gritty details of designing, planning, and building a house can be foreseen and handled by an architect. You tell them your dreams and vision, and the architect helps you put it into reality.

Need help with designing and building the home of your dreams?

Here at APL Architects, we aim to provide avant-garde, high-end residential architecture that introduces a next-level design that is effective, practical, and smart. We believe that every new project is an opportunity to deliver something extraordinary, whether it’s a new-build home, a property extension, or restoration.

Our approach continues to evolve as we see fit, giving space solutions to our clients while also developing a lifestyle that’s fit for future settings. Build your dream home with APL Architects. Click here to book a free consultation now.

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