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The Magic Of Open Spaces

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Many people enjoy being outside because it offers clean air, sunshine, a place to walk, and tranquility. However, city dwellers might only sometimes be able to get outside as frequently as they would like. However, there are outdoor areas in cities like parks, playing fields, modest public spaces, and even green roofs that can offer us the same sentiments as being outside in nature.

Why do open spaces appeal and seem magical to people from an architectural perspective? Open spaces appeal to people due to the several benefits they present. The magic of open spaces lies in their ability to attract investments and help strengthen local economies and communities, among others.

The Magic Of Open Spaces

What Constitutes An Open Space?

Any open area of land that is publicly accessible, undeveloped, and devoid of any manufactured structures is referred to as an "open space." Open space may consist of the following:

A green area is partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation. Parks, community gardens, and cemeteries all constitute green space.

The following fall under the scope of open spaces:

  • Cemeteries

  • Parks

  • Schoolyards

  • Playgrounds

  • Places for public seating

  • Populated areas,

  • Vacant spaces

Behind The Charm Of Open Spaces

Humans can benefit from interacting with gardens and other natural areas in various ways, including stress reduction, faster healing, a reduction in children's attention deficit disorder, and a reduction in crime and air pollution.

Sustainable sites recognize the potential for healthy living and employment and see human energy and creativity as renewable resources.

Only recently have city planners, governments, and regular people started to recognize green spaces' practical advantages and seize opportunities to enhance the quality of life in urbanized regions.

The charms of open spaces are:

  • Environmental benefits -It has been demonstrated that trees enhance air quality by eliminating pollutants and supplying oxygen. Additionally, green areas with less paving have a cooling impact, lowering summertime city temperatures. In addition, green spaces with less pavement lessen energy consumption and costs. According to a 2013 study, rooftops with grass and plants outperform asphalt and gravel roofs to keep buildings cool while offering residents a more attractive location to hang out. Helping to manage stormwater runoff is another advantage open space, especially green space, has for the environment. Unpaved land absorbs water, assisting in stormwater collecting and reducing flooding.

  • Mental health - Exercise greatly improves physical and mental health. Open spaces also improve feelings of well-being by offering quiet areas to pause and reflect away from city noise and bustle. This offers a break from the city and helps to lower stress.

  • Attract investment - Having parks and open spaces around create a high quality of life, which attracts tax-paying businesses and residents to communities. In addition, open spaces and trails elevate property value. PPS advised building the original roadway instead of a disastrous pedestrian mall in the heart of Oak Park, Illinois. The number of inquiries from prospective renters increased by 100% even before implemented adjustments, and the vacancy rate dropped from 30% to 5%.

  • Memories - Open areas are designed to be adaptable and multipurpose. To appreciate the privacy we all occasionally desire, these open spaces may open and close as needed with moveable panels and light dividers. This tendency has even embraced small dwellings. It does away with partitioned rooms, which further lessens the feeling of space in smaller spaces. Particularly in daylight areas, partitions are torn down to make way for open areas. They serve as the center of the house and foster a stronger sense of community. Daily tasks are shared more and unite friends and family.

  • Community - People often use open spaces for recreation. However, they are also functional and usable for social gatherings and cultural events. Whether through a planned event or activity or just because they are areas where people congregate, these locations encourage interaction between members of the community. As people get to know others in their neighborhood, it fosters a sense of community that is advantageous to both adults and children.

Your Own Open Spaces With APL Architects

Open spaces are an outdoor phenomenon with several benefits. Not only do they have joint mental health and investment benefits, but they also provide places where you can gather and make more memories with those who are special to you. In your own home, if you want to create a mini-open space for those close to you, you will need a reliable architectural firm.

APL Architects is a Philippine-based Manila architectural firm focusing on resorts and mansions. We have provided innovative solutions and high-caliber professional services for the past 20 years. You can be sure that our team of experts at APL Architects is committed to providing top-notch service along with meticulous design and planning, regardless of the project type—minimalist, residential, commercial, resort, or warehouse architecture.

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