Warehouse Architect in Manila, Philippines

All logistics businesses should know the importance of acquiring and running a warehouse and storage system. Boost your logistics handling and warehouse management system when you partner with APL Architects for your storage solutions. Trust that our expertise in warehouse architecture will create spacious and functional warehouse spaces that suit your business needs.

What You’ll Get

Architectural Design and Consultancy


We believe that a good design is what makes good construction, therefore bringing value to our client’s needs. APL Architects aim to transform enterprises through our top-notch designs and offer the best storage solutions possible for efficient and long-term use.


Interior Design


We aim to deliver an exceptional interior design experience. Our main objective is to set up a design that has an open floor plan and is fully functional for easy inventory management. Trust that APL Architects will provide a glove-fit interior design to accommodate your business needs.


Bidding and Negotiation


APL Architects advises clients on their choice of a contractor by calling for competitive bids. We will help evaluate the bids and select the best-fit contractor for your warehouse project.

What is Warehouse Architecture?

Warehouse architecture focuses on the design and construction of spaces, buildings, or dwellings that are used solely for storage and inventory purposes. This field specifically focuses on the different needs, designs, and functions of storage spaces and solutions.

What Types of Buildings Are Within The Scope Of Warehouse Architecture?


Any space or dwelling that serves as a logistics or inventory space fall under warehouse architecture. Warehouse architecture projects include but are not limited to storage spaces like production warehouses, fulfillment centers, storage warehouses, and sorting warehouses.

The Benefits of Warehouse For Businesses

Warehousing is one of the most important assets any logistics company can attain, if not the most important. Although only often seen as a place to store and prepare goods for outbound shipping, warehouses are still economically beneficial to both owners and customers.


1. Effective inventory management


An organized and well-tracked inventory is arguably key to a successful logistics business. A lack in this field can eventually lead to delayed shipments, damaged goods, and generally poor customer experience. Warehouse spaces provide businesses with a centralized location for receiving and shipping out goods. Ultimately, a systemized inventory process can develop, resulting in proper storage of goods, exceptional handling and distribution of orders, and outstanding customer experience.


2. Allows for more consistent production


For businesses in the mass production industry, having a spacious and functional warehouse space is crucial.


Mass production requires larger spaces, in the same way it is required for completed goods. Acquiring large warehouse spaces can help businesses produce way ahead of their deadlines, with enough time for fulfillment duties. This proves to be highly beneficial, especially for businesses that specialize in the production of seasonal goods.


3. Improved workflow


Using a warehouse to manage your goods can improve the overall workflow of your entire facility. Workers within the warehouse can monitor everyday warehouse operations, therefore identifying slight changes and inconsistencies. This enables your team to dedicate time and attention quickly and resolve issues within the facility.


4. Risk management


Warehousing can include appropriate equipment for minimizing in-house risks—like spoiled or damaged goods—and accidents. Depending on your business and the type of products you wish to store in a warehouse, these can be stocked at required humidity and temperature conditions. As a result, product shelf life is extended, benefiting the end-user.


5. Consistent control over products


Keeping your products all in one place allows you to maintain control over them. Quality and inventory control is within your grasp. You can remove irrelevant and spoiled products, and ultimately, pack and fulfill orders in a centralized location.


6. Faster shipping and delivery


Packing orders in one warehouse makes way for your shipping team to do their job smoothly. Customers almost always expect fast shipping, and with eliminated lag and downtimes, you are most likely to win repeat customers.

Cost-Efficient and Effective Warehouse Architecture

Take the next step and reshape the future of your e-commerce business with cost-efficient and effective warehouse spaces. Pack, fulfill, process, and ship out orders in the best and quickest way possible and accelerate customer experience.


Here at APL Architects, we do not just give you cookie-cutter buildings and solutions. It is our goal to offer the best architectural solutions to your needs. We aim to deliver glove-fit designs, planning, and other options to leverage your logistics business. The world is at its peak of innovation, and APL Architects ensures that our team of seasoned architects continue to improve and develop their approach, coming up with next-level designs and innovations while still adhering to functionality.


Refine your logistics operations and inventory management by partnering with APL Architects.