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Townhouse Architect in Manila, Philippines

Architecture brings stability, structure - and plenty of value to your home. 


With APL Architects, our team brings the best practices in the field. With our years of architectural experience and record of bringing to life high-quality living spaces, we have become a trusted name.  


When you are planning to build a home, you must consider the resources you currently have.  Is it enough for the project that I want done? 


Here is a question architects would like to ask you: What is your vision? Who do you want to execute your vision and why?

5 Things To Lookout For When Building Townhouses


Architects provide the best possible blueprint for your townhouse. They plan the intricate details starting from the foundation up to the roof. Where space is concerned, it can be a challenge, especially for young people who wish to have a space to call their own. 


Townhouses, in particular, make use of little space in the land. They are row houses featuring two or more floors. First-time homebuyers usually get townhouses when starting.


The architect drafts practical solutions for your townhouse. If a contractor designs the home, you have a higher likelihood of experiencing more problems in the future, such as faulty wiring. Essentially, architects future-proof your home.


Here are five reasons to look out for when building a townhouse:


1. Check Your Time And Budget - Every project, including townhouses, has an allotted budget and time. If your time does not fit the schedule, communicate with your architect to rethink. While it can result in more money spent, it can save you from future maintenance costs. Remember, your townhouse is an investment to live with. 


2. Pay Attention To The Wiring - Wiring is one of the most important aspects to look upon in your townhouse. It shows where each light fixture, switch, and outlet would be placed. Having an idea of the location of the light or appliance helps. 

3. Consider Neighbor Etiquette - As the townhouse builds, ensure that your neighbors know about the important details of the project. It should not disturb their way of life, and the townhouse should adapt to the environment. Therefore, good relations with your neighbor are necessary and crucial before you begin your project. 


4. Pick The Right Materials - While it gets overlooked in most projects, the right materials can build a townhouse that lasts. It saves you from potential overspending, future frustrations, and redevelopment. However, the outcome will depend on the final touches, including flooring, plastering, and painting.


5. Hire An Experienced Architect - An experienced architect knows the essential building codes for any townhouse. By hiring an architect, you get the best solution for the project while also future-proofing your home. Don’t be afraid to voice out any concerns you have before the project starts. Ultimately, your townhouse will withstand many elements with the help of expert builders.


Benefits Of Hiring Architects For Your Townhouse


When you hire an architect, it comes with great benefits. You get to choose the design or aesthetic and solve many problems along the way. Think of building a townhouse with professional input. As a result, you get to live in a place called home. 


The benefits of hiring an architect include the following:


Great Designs For Your Home

Townhouses can go in many directions. You can get a resort-inspired aesthetic, a city-inspired look, or a rustic-rural design. These aesthetics have perks; you must consider whether it is within your budget. Some designs may not work due to many factors, such as your space.


Townhouses thrive in bustling areas. Moreover, it prospers with professional designs done by experts. It is possible to get the design you want through planning and good communication with your architect.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Construction can be the costliest part of building townhouses. Fortunately, architects can produce and tailor cost-effective and aesthetic designs that suit your lifestyle and budget. In addition, they know what materials can last longer periods.  


You can consult with your architect on the materials for your townhouse. It is possible to suggest sustainable materials to lower environmental impact. Ensure that you consider this in the budget. It gives a better idea for the architect and construction team. 


Solve Design Problems

Townhouses can pose design challenges. For example, in a resort-inspired aesthetic, forages may block the way. On the other hand, there may not be enough sunlight coming through.  Architects address these challenges. 


APL Architects Provides The Best Design Solutions 


Good design that suits your environment and lifestyle always translates into great architecture. It shows how flexible spaces are for your townhouse. In short, architecture improves the quality of life.


Here at APL Architects, we provide the best design solutions for your townhouse. APL architects was founded by Philip Lu after his long stint in a Singaporean design firm. With our years of experience, highly qualified architects, and great value for money, APL Architects stands out among other architectural firms in the Philippines. Book an appointment with us today!

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