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Resort Architect in Manila, Philippines

World-class design exudes world-class service. Deliver exceptional resort service when you partner with APL Architects. Trust that our resort architect designs will create high-profile establishments that radiate class and transcendence.

What You’ll Get

Architectural Design and Consultancy

We believe that a good design is what makes good construction. APL Architects aim to transform lives through our top-notch designs and offer the best solutions possible for efficient and long-term use that will accelerate customer satisfaction.

Interior Design and Furnishing

We aim to provide an exceptional interior design and furnishing experience. Trust that APL Architects will provide you with interior space plans, options, and designs that are fully functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Bidding and Negotiation

APL Architects can advise you on your choice of a contractor by calling for competitive bids. We will help evaluate the bids and select the best-fit contractor for your resort project.

What is Resort Architecture?

Resort architecture covers the architectural planning, conceptual designing, drafting, and creation of resort establishments. APL Architects specializes in various architectural projects--resort architecture included--with designs and drafts created by our esteemed architects, allowing clients to share design ideas, insights, and concepts of a particular project.

What Types of Buildings Are Within The Scope Of Resort Architecture?

Any space or dwelling that serves as commercial and recreational spaces are within the scope of resort architecture. But, more specifically, resort architecture projects encompass but are not limited to recreation resorts, all-inclusive resorts, ecotourism and ecological resorts, destination resorts, casino resorts, historic resorts, family resorts, and amusement resorts. Each one serves different purposes needing different designs for specific functions.

Why Do You Need An Architect For Your Resort Project?

Just like any other project, many crucial factors make up a functioning and successful resort. From deciding on the hectare of the establishment to the blueprint of electrical wiring and water pipelines. There is a long list of things you need to check off before you can say your resort is up and running. Resorts are special places with distinct yet captivating qualities. And to possess these qualities, you need to hire an architect.


1. They save your money


Believe it or not, forgoing the hiring of an architect can do you more harm than good. An architect’s responsibility is to put your money right where you want it. Hiring an architect is a wise investment rather than an added cost to your project. Here’s why:


  • Because architects help build projects more efficiently and economically. Therefore, you need not worry about projects mishaps when construction is underway.

  • Because architects can help you choose durable and energy-efficient materials rather than settling for mere aesthetics.

  • Because a good design by a good architect sells. A well-designed and functioning resort establishment significantly affects consumer decisions.


2. They solve problems


Architects are trained to solve problems in many different creative ways. With their broad knowledge and retrospect in the field of design and construction, they can show you alternatives and a variety of options you might never think of on your own.


Need a new wing for resort expansion? Your architect can show you different ways to expand while still keeping in line with the space’s functionality and aesthetics.


3. They make everything easier


Construction is a long process that is often messy and troublesome, especially if you’re planning to extend a part of the resort that will require you to close off some areas. It is the architect’s job to make things easier and run things smoothly for you.


When a project requires engineering and other services, the architect can communicate with the persons in charge so you don’t have to. Your architect will sort out any complexities and visit the site often to verify that the project is being built according to plan.


4. They help you understand your vision


Architects can help you experience and understand your vision first before turning them into reality, and before you spend hundreds and thousands on the project only to realize some unforeseen changes in the future. With the knowledge and expertise of an architect combined with the latest technologies, such changes can be made first on paper before a costly execution of mistakes.


You may experience the design process of your resort in three ways:


  • 3D drawing

  • Interactive designs

  • Virtual reality


5. They fit the building into the site


What purpose will any of the designing and planning processes serve if your resort establishment does not fit into the site available? It is an architect’s job to marry the building to the site. The architect knows all the ins and outs of your resort project, therefore reflecting the blueprint into reality, designating the respective parking spaces, entry and exit areas, emergency or fire exits, electrical, utilities, and landscape.


Unparalleled and World-Class Resort Architecture

Prominent resorts succeed with experiential and professional design, not social media moments or aesthetics.


Resorts continue to thrive and develop over time. And we have come to know that a resort with remarkable architecture deeply affects guest experience in many unexpected ways. Here at APL Architects, we believe that a good design by a good and experienced architect sells. That is why it is our priority to drive a big picture approach, with our esteemed team of seasoned architects crafting a fully functional, memorable, and world-class resort establishment that will help you deliver phenomenal customer service.

Turn your vision into reality. Deliver the promise of authenticity and class by collaborating with APL Architects.

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