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Scarlatta Estates of Ayala Abalang

This Modern Contemporary Mansion located in Ayala Alabang is a massive project with 2000 sqm lot and the house is a 1500 sqm floor area. It has a massive facade that is not overbearing.


One of the design highlights is the 6ft/3m quarts slab that embraces the elevator shaft which also welcomes once you enter the house. The design also pays more attention to details when it comes to the rear elevation of the house which is quite uncommon for residences where most designer’s attention is the façade. The rear elevation of the house highlights it triple volume staircase which is cladded with real teakwood that outlines the grand staircase from the outside.


With its simplicity and attention to details the design achieved that grandeur and class that is not overwhelming despite its massiveness.

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