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Your Ultimate Guide To Hiring An Architect For Your Resort Project

When planning to go on vacation, we look for a place we can consider our “home away from home”. But of course with additional experience that we can’t get from the comfort of our own home. That’s why some of us don’t mind paying more than what we planned to spend if we believe the experience or service is worth every peso that comes out of our pocket.

Whether it’s a long-overdue summer vacation with your family or just a weekend breather with friends from your full-packed weekly schedules, our goal is to find a place where we can relax, unwind, recharge, and pamper ourselves and our loved ones with extraordinary experiences PLUS sumptuous meals.

And a perfect place for that is a resort – even better, one that offers a world-class experience especially if it’s on a beautiful island like Boracay or Bohol. With that in mind, it’s what you’d want your future guests to experience. And regardless of the location, if you’ve been planning to build one, the right professional to consult about the aesthetic and overall functionality of the resort is an architect.

But not just any architects. Someone with solid experience in designing and building fully functional resorts would be a great asset for your resort project. Bonus if he or she is gifted with communication and collaboration skills which are also needed in any project.

How An Architect Can Help You With Designing and Building A World-Class Resort

Unlike designing and building luxury homes, a world-class resort requires a different, higher level of expertise. The focus is not only on the aesthetics, safety, and general functionality of the structure but also on the integration of the different parts of the resort.

How a cozy bar can elevate the guest’s experience if it’s located near the pool area, facing the beach for a more relaxing sunset view – or an indoor gym built with an ocean view, working out won’t be dragging for some guests. They can still keep track of their health and fitness goals even on vacation.

Those are just a few of what an architect can do to help design and build a resort. They can even go deeper as turning swampland into a world-class resort.

What To Look For When Hiring A Resort Architect

Hiring the right resort architects is not an easy task but it doesn’t help when you cut corners just to save costs. Worse, it might cost more than the savings you thought you could make. So here are the 5 qualities to look for when hiring resorts architects:

1. They help you save money. Believe it or not, forgoing the hiring of an architect can do you more harm than good. An architect’s responsibility is to put your money right where you want it. Hiring an architect is a wise investment rather than an added cost to your project. Here’s why:

  • Architects help build projects more efficiently and economically. Therefore, you need not worry about project mishaps when construction is underway.

  • Architects can help you choose durable and energy-efficient materials rather than settling for mere aesthetics.

  • Because a good design by a good architect sells. A well-designed and functioning resort establishment significantly affects consumer decisions.

2. They are problem-solvers. Architects are trained to solve problems in many different creative ways. With their broad knowledge and retrospect in the field of design and construction, they can show you alternatives and a variety of options you might never think of on your own.

Need a new wing for resort expansion? Your architect can show you different ways to expand while still keeping in line with the space’s functionality and aesthetics.

3. They simplify things. Construction is a long process that is often messy and troublesome, especially if you’re planning to extend a part of the resort that will require you to close off some areas. It is the architect’s job to make things easier and run things smoothly for you.

When a project requires engineering and other services, the architect can communicate with the persons in charge so you don’t have to. Your architect will sort out any complexities and visit the site often to verify that the project is being built according to plan.

4. They help you understand your vision. Architects can help you experience and understand your vision first before turning them into reality, and before you spend hundreds and thousands on the project only to realize some unforeseen changes in the future. With the knowledge and expertise of an architect combined with the latest technologies, such changes can be made first on paper before a costly execution of mistakes.

You may experience the design process of your resort in three ways:

  • 3D drawing

  • Interactive designs

  • Virtual reality

5. They fit the building into the site. What purpose will any of the designing and planning processes serve if your resort establishment does not fit into the site available? It is an architect’s job to marry the building to the site. The architect knows all the ins and outs of your resort project, therefore reflecting the blueprint into reality, designating the respective parking spaces, entry and exit areas, emergency or fire exits, electrical, utilities, and landscape.

Because on top of it all, you would want to hear guests saying something like, “I’m definitely going back to this place. They have everything here: 2 big swimming pools, the beautiful beachfront, a cozy bar area, a gym, a great spa, and the awesome and friendly staff. Oh, the rooms are spacious too. Go-to resort for the whole family.”

Now, while APL Architects is known for designing and building luxury homes, we’ve also designed resorts like Aqua Boracay which serves as a haven for people who prefer to stay on the serene side of Boracay and those who want to witness the beauty of the sunrise.

Need help with the design or project management of the resort you’re planning to build? Contact us and let’s see if we’re fit to make your vision into reality.

What You’ll Get When You Partner With APL Architects

Architectural Design and Consultancy. We believe that a good design is what makes good construction. APL Architects aim to transform lives through our top-notch designs and offer the best solutions possible for efficient and long-term use that will accelerate customer satisfaction.

Interior Design and Furnishing. We aim to provide an exceptional interior design and furnishing experience. Trust that APL Architects will provide you with interior space plans, options, and designs that are fully functional and aesthetic at the same time.

Bidding and Negotiation. APL Architects can advise you on your choice of a contractor by calling for competitive bids. We will help evaluate the bids and select the best-fit contractor for your resort project.

Contact us and let’s see if we’re fit to work together on your resort project. Click here to get started.

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