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What Is Residential Architecture?

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Residential architecture is about designing spaces for people to live in. Living spaces can be many things. They range from inviting, sleek, modern, rustic, chic, or other descriptors. However, residential architecture can be anything you want and need it to be.

Residential architecture simmers down to the goal of capturing the needs and desires of the homeowner and translating these often obscure concepts into a real-life home of their dreams.


Residential architecture is "the art or practices of designing and building structures, especially habitable ones." Considering that residential architecture pertains to designing and building dwellings used specifically as private residences.

Architects specializing in residential design particularize and focus on designing and building individual living spaces and may work as a sole proprietor, for a contractor, or with other residential architects as part of a larger firm.

Every client entertained by residential architecture has different tastes and needs. To succeed as a residential architect, you must have the following traits: accepting, collaborative, and thinking outside the box to serve your clients.

Some of the most common projects for this kind of architecture include:

  • Single-story homes

  • Multi-family homes

  • Mansions

  • Apartment buildings

  • Condos

  • Residential spaces converted from other types of buildings

  • Any other space designed for people to live in

Moreover, other considerations come when working on a residential architecture project.

The Considerations

The first step in being an effective residential architect is to be familiar with different types of residential architecture. In addition to that, there will be other considerations you must take in mind when designing.

  • Aesthetic appeal - The way the home looks matters because it will be a place to live in. Not only does it have to be functional, but it also holds aesthetic appeal and value. The combined effects of a building's shape, size, texture, color, balance, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, symmetry, proportion, space, alignment, pattern, decoration, culture, and context, as well as the beauty of the material, helps determine the beauty of the residential building project.

  • Functionality - Secondly, functionality is the usefulness of the structure. People spend most of their time at home than outside; if the home you design is hard to navigate, then it is not a home that is conducive to living in.

  • Clients' needs - Furthermore, the primary consideration you need to consider when designing a residential home is the client's needs. Do your clients live an active lifestyle? Is one of them physically challenged? You may have to adjust your design accordingly. Your client may be happier with your service if you consider what they want.

  • Building codes - Unhappy clients can leave you bad reviews and give you bad feedback. However, what's even more serious and crucial is if governments notice that you are not adhering to the given building codes. You can get a fine if you do not adhere. It may also affect your record.

  • Safety - Lastly, remember to consider safety. You are building a home, after all. If you follow local building codes, safety issues can easily be resolved. You should take a step further by being more imaginative - consider the form and function of any home you design and who will use it.

Cutting-Edge Design With APL Architects

Residential architecture projects are fun because they can be anything you want but they also come with many considerations. Some of them include safety and aesthetic appeal. For best results, you may hire a firm experienced in dealing with similar projects.

APL Architects is a leading Filipino firm. Our creations are inspirational spaces that integrate best practices with leading-edge design. With an evolving approach, we enhance the human lifestyle by giving space solutions and developing a community living fit for future settings. We specialize in townhouses, residential and commercial establishments, warehouses, and restaurant projects.

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