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Things To Remember When Designing Resort Architecture

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The design of a resort revolves around various factors considered during the planning stage. Resorts are facilities designed to accommodate; they are also places for tourists to gather. Due to this, resorts should be visually appealing, and design must include strategies that enhance the location and help the people within it.

What are the considerations that come with designing resort architecture? The considerations that are important for designing resort architecture are the site location, the target market, the objective of the resort, and the resort's aesthetics. Together, all these elements create an engaging and visually appealing resort.

The things you should remember when you are designing resort architecture are the following:

Resort Target Market

The first consideration is that your architectural firm should consider the resort's target market. The target market and the objective of the resort are crucial in shaping what will become of the resort project. The objective of the resort should be clear and defined: Is the resort designed to help boost local tourism and employment? Is the resort supposed to be simply profitable?

After the goal of the resort has been defined, the second and crucial step in the design process is to find out who the resort targets. If the resort wants to cater to more than one target, you should also consider that. Try listing the markets individually so that it is easier to integrate their preferences into the overall resort design.


Secondly, you will need a good location because it is the most important element that attracts business. When we mean business, we mean customers. For service-oriented ventures, location can make or break the fate of your business; in some cases, the most expensive site is the best place to put your business up.

In addition, site planning for a resort is the first step that leads to the construction of the resort development. Site planning needs in-depth analysis and research of the elements of the site. These elements include the geography and topography of the site and other conditions on the site. The site's natural environment is also a blank space and guideline to start site planning. It can also control the environment for a better design outcome.

Interior Design

Although resort design and architecture usually act with exterior designing and landscaping, there should also be a focus on the interior design of your resort architecture because it is also a facility that accommodates. In other words, it is also a place where people will stay. As a result, it is decisive to equip the interior of your resort with bedrooms, dining, laundry, parking, and washroom facilities.

The interiors of your resort shape the resort's theme and set the tone for your resort. Therefore, the exteriors and interiors should complement each other with accessibility and good ventilation systems in all of its spaces. In addition, the furniture and other fittings, the shades of color, and essential facilities such as a bathroom and wash area must be in sync with the overall design format of the resort.

Lastly, the aesthetic appeal and value of your resort should be essential because they can attract business, keep your customers entertained, engaged, and happy - as well as set the scene for the ambiance of your resort. The ambiance can also affect your customers' overall experience in the bigger scheme.

The necessity for aesthetic appeal is because the resort as a structure functions as a form of retreat for your customers. Your customers will connect with their environment and eventually enjoy their leisure time there. Therefore, the structure and design of your architectural project should blend in with the environment and enhance the site's natural beauty.


Thanks to the wealth of information on the Internet, more and more people worldwide are becoming more aware of environmental issues. As architecture heavily relies on natural resources such as stone, timber, and metal, sustainability has become a priority and necessity for designing resort structures.

By following industry sustainability practices, you can help reduce the negative effects of construction on the environment by protecting existing ecosystems and biodiversity, and by reducing CO2 emissions. Architects and builders must have a holistic approach to project environmental considerations.

They can achieve this by integrating the protection of existing habitats, planting trees around a new construction site, and opting to use sustainable materials to reduce a building's carbon footprint.

Build Your Resort With APL Architects

Resort architecture is an art. Moreover, resort architecture has many elements that must combine to create a visually appealing, relaxing environment that enhances the site's natural beauty. This can be tricky, but this will be fine with the right architectural firm!

APL Architects is a leading architectural firm based in Manila for over 20 years. APL Architects has continuously provided creative solutions and quality professional services for all architectural projects, from residential homes to townhouses.

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