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3 Resort Architecture Ideas To Consider

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Resorts are some of the most fun accommodations that you can enjoy in your life. They offer an engaging experience, complete with the amenities that can help you feel more at home in a new place so far from home. They also come in various colors, shapes, and textures.

What are some great architectural ideas for resorts? There are plenty of great resort design pegs for architectural firms to work on and with. Some of these include the following:

Beach House

A beach house design is a great one architectural firms can start with! With a beach house aesthetic, you achieve a natural, tropical, and soothing ambiance. The beach house resort aesthetic idea incorporates casual and chic design elements and will make your resort more visually appealing. In addition, it will also make your resort more worthy of summer getaways and comparable to the beachfront.

Natural and tropical elements are crucial to achieving the beach house look. Materials such as bamboo, teak, and wood are also great for interiors and furniture. In addition, you can also decorate lithe and airy home decor will work because it will not overwhelm the natural elements of the beach house-themed resort. You can also spice your beach house-themed resort with rattan and give your resort a more rustic feel.

You can also incorporate wood flooring, including engineered wood and solid wood flooring. Fortunately, wood flooring is a classic staple for interiors. In addition, it is timeless, durable, and can be used in living rooms and bedrooms. Finally, add a more solid texture and material for the exteriors and use earthy and hot colors.


Want to go all out and not pull out the stops? Maximalism is also another great idea you should consider. However, maximalism is considered an aesthetic of excess, while its philosophy can be summarized as "more is more." This is a direct contrast against the minimalist adage stating that "less is more."

Maximalism is also a fun idea because it appeals to the Filipino inclination to fill up space. In a resort architectural project, it can be translated to plenty of flexibility: any color, pattern, and material. These will work with the maximalist approach.

Due to its flexibility, almost anything goes. It will depend on the mood and ambiance you want to aim for with your maximalist approach to your resort design. In essence, it is all about going all out.

To cop the look, most of the maximalism will go to the decoration. You can use velvet, silk, and gold variants, unconventional materials, textures, and colors for the furniture. For indoor and outdoor flooring, anything goes. However, a great idea for the structure visually is to use wider shapes in the structure and silhouette of your resort, which adds more flair and visual drama.

If you would rather go all out when redoing your home, go big with maximalism. Mysterious and exotic, all design conventions get thrown out the window for this design theme. Offering you the utmost flexibility to get creative, any color, material, or pattern will work here. Everything and anything goes with maximalism!

You can use abundant colors and textures to help set the mood. Some great colors are gold, silver, emeralds, sapphires - and other jewel tones.


If your resort client wants to go big and go home and the design to be more innovative, you can go right with the Futuristic theme!

A modern and futuristic resort architectural design is armed and visually appealing with cutting-edge technology and optimized space. The design sets itself apart from other architectural designs because of its engagement and interplay between design and function and its unique, clean, and sleek design. It also has a futuristic touch and balances architectural flair and sustainability.

This approach can also borrow notes from minimalism. For example, you can use a monochromatic color palette or opt for a black-and-white palette, which is versatile without overcrowding the space. For flooring, you can use vinyl flooring as it fulfills the requirements of being pleasing to the eye and practical because they are easy to clean, eco-friendly, and great for those looking for low VOC and phthalate-free flooring technology.

20 Years Of Architectural Excellence With APL Architects

There are many great architectural aesthetic approaches you can go with. However, despite many great ideas, what is most crucial in a resort architectural design project is the goal of your resort. Does it seek to make a profit purely? Does it aim to provide a high-end and high-class service to its customers? The goals shape the design as it influences an architect's approach.

APL Architects is one of the best architectural firms in the Philippines. We possess over 20 years of experience providing excellent architectural services to clients. APL Architects specializes in townhouses, residential and commercial establishments, warehouses, and restaurants. Contact us today!

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